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The first Fire & Ice opened in July of 1980 along with the grand opening of Harborplace in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Since 1980, Fire & Ice has expanded to twelve stores, reaching from Natick, Massachusetts to Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. The BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport location, which opened for business in May 2005, won a national award for “Best Airport Retail Store Design” and in 2012 a second BWI store was opened due to the success of the first store.

At Fire & Ice, the collections are as varied as what you might find in open air markets in far away lands. Art Glass, in all its wonderful forms, is arranged throughout each store, brightly representing some of the most respected and brilliant glass artists and studios in the United States and Canada, as well as around the world. Fossil specimen, petrified woods, pine cones, and fascinating crystal formations stand as silent guardians of secrets of the ancient world-secrets held for millions of years. Carving, the oldest form of Man’s artistic expression, is well represented at Fire & Ice. Colorful minerals, woods and even rare fossilized ivories (only legal specimen, of course) have been carved into amazing works of art by skilled master craftsmen around the world. The gems and jewels on display in the Fire & Ice stores are vibrant, and they evoke the colors and textures of our planet’s rich natural history.

The search for fascinating, creative and unique pieces has taken the store owners, Robert and Jan, to many lands, including Bali, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal, Israel, Europe and many parts of Latin America. In these travels, they have witnessed ancient metal craft techniques nearly lost in today’s world. They have been deeply moved by an understanding of the need to preserve these traditional techniques. The desire to preserve, and thereby support, cultures threatened by modern pressures to assimilate is the inspiration that drives Fire & Ice to continue searching out new examples of beauty.

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Real Estate Requirements


  • Size: 1,100-1,500 sf in malls and urban street retail locations
  • Airports: Fire & Ice is also interested in airport retail space and can reduce their layout size for airport sites