Landlord Representation


The Artios Retail team will put our skills and market knowledge to work for you to invent or reinvent the retail at your property. Our knowledge of the markets in which we work, along with the array of relationships with developers, owners retailers, restauranteurs and brokers, and current real estate software provide us access to the most current information to help establish a comprehensive leasing strategy for your asset.

The Artios Retail leasing process involves a thorough review of physical asset, its location and visibility, competition, customer profile, and many other factors influencing the retail opportunity for your asset.

A leasing strategy is then developed into a marketing package to promote your asset to prospective retailers and restauranteurs. The marketing package is developed to highlight the attributes and distinctions your property has to offer amongst its competition, describes the merchandising plan and customer profile of the trade area, along with other details to help retailers and restauranteurs understand why they should choose your property.

Artios Retail can also help formulate a Letter of Intent with key terms and issues specific to your property, and can develop the space delivery conditions to match your development program or existing conditions.

Our years of experience provide us an understanding of the criteria retailers and restauranteurs look for in the physical plant, project profile and customer base in choosing locations for their businesses.

All to bring you the maximum value for your retail space by targeting the most appropriate uses and concepts for your particular property and available retail space.