Retail Development


Planning the infrastructure needs of your retail space can expand the project’s merchandising opportunities, provide substantial cost savings, particularly with food, entertainment and specialty uses, and can also help influence the rate at which a retail development is leased.

Artios’ experience working with retailers, restauranteurs, theaters, markets and many other types of retail can provide guidance and expertise to your design team. Integrating the merchandising plan into the initial planning of the project can optimize the use of space (interior and exterior), incorporate infrastructure requirements from utilities to signage, and plan for the many operational issues related to retail within your Property, to setup your physical plant for successful retail. early in the negotiations to avoid misunderstanding that can ruin a transaction late in the negotiations.

Artios will help you define and plan the building delivery conditions required for the merchandising plan of the project, and work with the leasing agents, owners and attorneys to create the necessary exhibits for LOI’s and leases to properly define division of work between Landlord and Tenant, as well as construction and sign criteria.

This process is critical to the leasing process to provide retailers a clear understanding of the project, the specific premises and condition that space will be delivered to them. This information allows owners and tenants to access their costs.