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Tobacco Road Sports Cafe is literally a dream that came true for brothers Alex, Brian and Rommie Amra. Being avid sports fans and foodies, they had a vision of a new breed of sports restaurant. One where your wife actually wants to go watch the game with you and where you know your kids can get a healthy, fresh and delicious meal; where the food isn’t thawed out and then deep-fried; wherere staff members not only know a thing or two about sports, but understand the importance of a request to view a particular game (or a few games), and the desire to enjoy exceptional service where your needs are anticipated and met, not where you have to waste time flagging down cocktail waitresses just to get a refill.

Making this vision a reality requires constant attention and focus from the brothers, but also the ongoing support of an amazing and dedicated Tobacco Road team. Everyone on the management team has a passion and dedication to the Tobacco Road vision and brings qualities and skills to Tobacco Road that help ensure that the restaurant meet and exceed the expectations of each guest.

What exactly is “Tobacco Road”? Well, it depends on who you ask. To the owners, Tobacco Road refers to arguably the most recognized college sports rivalries (especially in basketball) in the country, between teams that are all located in North Carolina: Duke University, North Carolina State University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University. The intense loyalty of Wolfpack, Blue Devil, Tar Heel and Demon Deacons fans makes this area a great place to be a sports fan.

But Tobacco Road is about more than the rivalry between universities or even the North Carolina marketplace. To the owners, Tobacco Road is a strong concept that will flourish in any city or town that has a strong relationship to their local sporting teams whether professional, university, colleges and/or high schools. At Tobacco Road Sports Café, you can enjoy a sports-friendly atmosphere all year long, no matter what sport or team you are here to watch or where you live. Even if sports isn’t your greatest love, your experience will be excellent because Tobacco Road is about great food surrounded by a high energy and comfortable atmosphere.

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Real Estate Requirements
  • Size: 7,500 – 9,000 SF
  • Outdoor Patio seating: minimum of 100 -200 seats